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"The Churches of Christ salute you." - Romans 16:16


This salutation from Paul to the Christians in Rome signifies that the Lord truly does have one church. The scriptures refer to the church as the Bride of Christ, whom he laid his life down for.


The Lord's church is one that he commands we keep pure from the sin found in the world.


We, at the Church of Christ, cordially invite you to share with us this divine opportunity to offer worship to the Lord in the way he has commanded us to at the Johnson Drive Church of Christ in McGregor, TX.

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We are happy to offer a free Bible correspondence course unlike any other course you've completed in the past. With this course you will find knowledge of the that will help you obtain the promise of life everlasting.


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Wayne McKamie, long-time member of Johnson Drive Church of Christ, has been an evangelist for many decades. Wayne has produced a radio program that spent many, many years on the air. We're excited to make these programs available to you!

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